El libro de las tierras del norte
Maarja y la Dama del Tiempo Gris
Juan Antonio Arizcun

La mochila de Astor
serie roja
Ediciones Palabra

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"Maarja y la Dama del Tiempo Gris" Book written in Spanish language, ideal for beginners in Spanish language.
It is an adventure book, 144 pages, which can be read at any age. Entertaining, and many nouns, adjectives and verbs. The multitude of words that refer to elements of nature: trees, animals, weather ... get a varied vocabulary with a story that makes it easy to track and enjoyable immersion in Spanish.
The straightforward language of the Spanish language is another feature that facilitates the translation and learning.
The large and bright dialogues-(with certain features of humor)-are ideal for learning the Spanish language: greetings, questions, answers, instructions, orders, pleas...
For who is learning Spanish, and for who already have a high level, it will be entertaining and educational.
And for those whose mother tongue is Spanish, the book has been praised by many experts in children's literature.

The ease of buy he in the many online bookstores what that offer, and a very affordable price, make the book "Maarja y la Dama del Tiempo Gris" a reference worldwide for learning Spanish.







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